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Cancellation/Return Policy for Advertising Subscription
Last updated November 24, 2023.

1. Introduction

1.1 The initial term of the advertising subscription is six (6) months from the date of subscription initiation.

1.2 Businesses may cancel their subscription after the initial six (6) month period has transpired.

1.3 Cancellation requests received during the first six (6) months will be processed and become effective after the completion of the initial 6-month period.

2. Cancellation Process

2.1 To initiate a cancellation, the subscribing business must contact our customer support team via email at, or by logging into their profile, under subscriptions and pressing the Cancellation button.

2.2 Cancellations will be processed based on the billing cycle, and the subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle following the initial 6-month period.

3. Refunds

3.1 Subscription fees are non-refundable.

3.2 Upon cancellation, businesses will not be charged for subsequent billing cycles.

4. Exceptions

4.1 In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to consider early cancellations due to extenuating circumstances. Businesses seeking early cancellation must provide adequate documentation and justification for consideration.

5. Changes to Cancellation Policy

5.1 We reserve the right to update or modify this cancellation policy. Subscribers will be notified of any changes, and continued use of the Services constitutes acceptance of the updated policy.

By subscribing to our advertising services, businesses agree to abide by this cancellation policy.

Questions about the Cancellation / Return Policy For Advertising Subscription should be sent to us at